Maxima Construction

Building a booth with the Maxima structure, in addition to the beautiful appearance it gives to the

booth, also strengthens it, it can also make it possible to make more changes for the booth owners, it

should be noted that the Maxima booths can be made in different designs and fit the budget is designed

and produced by the client.

Also, by having a booth of this kind, you can have all the necessary features for an exhibition booth, such

as shelving, placing a special display, placing a product introduction screen, stand and showcase,

negotiation table, information board, and other features to be seen more. He used his booth in the


It is true that Maxima booth construction does not have the ability to deal with wooden booth

construction, because in wood booth construction, the choice of design and shape is completely up to

the exhibitors, but in Maxima booth construction, you are in a predetermined direction and in a regular

shape. And square and rectangular, you can design your own exhibition stand

According to the above explanations, along with every good thing, there are definitely some

disadvantages in Maxima booth construction, you will have higher speed and lower cost