Chipboard booth construction

The most common and the most beautiful type of booth construction is the use of wooden structures made

of chipboard or MDF with paint coating. Chipboard booth construction has been very popular in recent

years, the most important reason being its cost-effectiveness and malleability. As you know, exhibitions are

usually held between 3 and 5 days, so wood booth construction can be the best option for booth

construction. and the taste of the exhibitors is designed and executed. In wooden booth construction, all

items include flooring, painting and painting, printing and installing logos, booth tables and chairs, lighting,

booth decorations, including booth decoration, etc.

The steps of making a chipboard booth

 Carpentry of the booth, the structure is built and installed exactly like the approved design with exact

dimensions and sizes

Painting and painting of the booth (the executive team of Pars Tadbir gets the approval of the color from

the respected booth owners before starting the painting)

 Supplying electricity and lighting to the exhibition stand and installing key sockets, light boxes, etc.

Installation of stickers of monoliths and prints of light boxes

 Arrangement of booth equipment and cleaning