Holding conferences and events


A seminar is a special type of event that may have one or more major speakers on a specific topic. In
general, in successful seminars, the participants also participate in the main discussion, and the main
speakers play the role of facilitator, guide and supervisor. In fact, in most seminars, there is only
discussion and exchange of opinions

Conferences are meetings in which participants, representatives, organizations, governments, and
experts in cultural, social, and political affairs participate in which they gather to analyze, exchange
opinions, discuss, and make decisions about a specific issue
Conferences can be national or international, which may be permanent or temporary. According to the
mentioned explanations, a conference is considered a type of event in which several real or legal
personalities exchange opinions and discuss a specific issue
Participating in various conferences and seminars has many advantages, some of which include:
opportunities including educational opportunities, networking with fellow tradesmen, registering your
position as an expert, discovering new services and products.
The organizer of the conference plays a very important role in the correct implementation of programs
and the success of a company or brand in seminars and conferences.
For the accurate implementation of events, the organizing company needs to have appropriate
equipment and facilities, including skills, experience, sufficient and experienced manpower, sufficient
and suitable catering requirements, etc
Pars Tadbir Eurasia Company, taking into account all the basic needs of customers and having enough
experience, considering the activities in the field of organizing events as well as having enough
experience in the field of ceremonies and hospitality, has the necessary preparation to cooperate in
organizing events