Human Resources

In holding international exhibitions, one of the necessary things is to provide experienced and expert exhibition staff, if
these staff have good communication skills, they play a very important role in attracting customers and increasing sale
Pars Tadbir Eurasia Company gives you the confidence that they will serve you with appropriate coverage and exhibition
standards, as well as with sufficient experience and expertise in attracting customers
Exhibition forces include
Bar tender (Barista): To serve hot and cold food, finger food, sweets and
Information Force: To work behind the desk of the exhibition counter and guide customers
Service force: for cleaning, carrying and moving cargo, helping the hostess, etc
Translator: for simultaneous translation between the company and customers
Hospitality: for ceremonial services and customer reception
Sampler: To introduce the product by inviting the sample test and presenting the catalog and brochure to the visitors
Promotor: To explain and promote the subject of the exhibition