creative design

The design team of Pars Tadbir Eurasia, taking into account all the elements related to the company`s
activities, products, logo, etc., has been proud to design a beautiful and impressive booth, taking into
account all the principles & rules and making maximum use of the booth space

Booth Construction

Another Significant point in this field is the matching of the design and implementation of the booth, in
order to ensure that all the details of the design are observed, which requires compliance with things
such as the use of quality materials, creating appropriate lighting, paying attention to the corporate
color spectrum of the companies, and basic layout equipment

Ceremonies & Reception

Pars Tadbir Eurasia exhibition ceremony team, taking into account the basic needs in the field of
reception, was able to prepare a complete menu that can be ordered according to the type of reception,
which was met with a unique reception during 6 months from the participants

Pars Tadbir Eurasia Booth Constructor Company

Active in the fields of ceremonies, holding conferences, providing human resources, providing
exhibition equipment, etc


Our excellent service

Holding Conferences & Events

Holding events with all the principles of reception and holding, renting the venue according to the customer's opinion, using first-class and fresh catering materials, providing photography and filming services

Ceremonies and reception

Ceremonies and catering by providing various services, using first-class and fresh catering materials, experienced staff and

booth Construction

Basic and standard booth construction, compliance with engineering principles and exhibition rules accurate implementation as per the presented plan, accurate painting and according to the plan, full supervision of the executive team during construction, quick evacuation after the end of the exhibition

Exhibition Equipment Supply

Providing all exhibition equipment including: sofa, table and chair, refrigerator, water cooler, counter, stool, showcase, etc.

Human Resources

Supplying an experienced, regular, well-groomed exhibition staff with respect to morals

Booth Design

Beautiful and standard booth design, compliance with design and engineering principles, maximum use of booth space, compliance with coloring principles to attract customers, etc.


booth building
Ceremonies and reception
creative design

Our customers

"Pars Tadbir Eurasia Co"
HSE exhibition certificate

Confirmation of compliance with all executive and exhibition rules & amp regulations

grade from international exhibition

Obtaining the satisfaction of advertising companies and consumers by designing the best booths in many

Providing various designs with architectural principles

Providing diverse and creative designs with inspiration from the field of activities of companies, products,
logos, etc., in compliance with all architectural principles and exhibition rules

Match design and implementation

The exact matching of the presented design with the implemented booth, observing all the details

On time booth delivery

Delivery of the booth the day before the opening to arrange the products

The Latest Booth Constructions

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